Products & Services


Because the world is moving more and more into the digital realm each and every day, e-commerce is becoming very important nowadays. ICS Bahrain has created Klickmall, the fruit of a heavy hard work.

We, at ICS Bahrain, provide two of the most beneficial solutions for businesses, QuickBooks and Go Global. Our solutions help customers reach operational excellence. Our deep portfolio of business solutions addresses a range of customer needs, including customer relationship management, employees’ payroll, inventory and invoices, etc.

Business Solutions


Because consistent support and practice is crucial to every employee’s success, we, at ICS Bahrain, offer two of the most demanded training courses for businesses, QuickBooks training and Social Media Marketing. It known that, employees with training certificates have the advantage over employees who are left out from training courses; proving the significance of our service over you. Nevertheless, both of our courses are supported by Tamkeen Bahrain.

Today around 2 billion of people are using smartphones and more than 80% of people use mobile apps for purchasing, payments and fund transfers over websites. Mobile app is becoming essential for every industry. At ICS, we have build two applications, Book A Book and Sharrai.

Mobile Applications

Social Media Management

The heart of your business success lies in its marketing. Most aspects of your business depend on successful marketing and today’s marketing is targeted towards online marketing and most probably “Social Media”. Thus, we provide a full Social Media management for your business, leading you to achieve company’s objectives more easily and with less recourses.