Social Media Marketing

The social media marketing course at ‘Al Masar Training and development’ will contain the fundamentals of social media as a marketing tool. It will include basic SM knowledge such as: definition, purpose, benefits, success stories, etc, along with advanced knowledge of the social media strategies and platforms. The social media course can enable the participants to enhance and improve their social media presence in the market and be able to compete with big accounts!

Total Hours 3 days. 12 hours, 4 hours per day
Recommended Entry Beginners or those with little SM marketing knowledge.
Assessment Method Quiz, Group discussions, In-Class exercises, etc.

Learning Outcomes

  • To define Social Media along with providing general understanding of the SM networks and their benefits.

  • To understand the concept of SM management and develop the most effective social media strategy for your business.

  • To understand the uses and features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

  • To understand SM evaluation and monitoring.

Course Outline

  • Topic 1: Introduction to Social Media
  • Topic 2: Social Media Management
  • Topic 3: Social Media Implementation
  • Topic 4: Using Instagram
  • Topic 5: Using Facebook
  • Topic 6: Using Twitter
  • Topic 7: Using LinkedIn
  • Topic 8: Using YouTube
  • Topic 9: Blogging vs VBlogging
  • Topic 10: Social Media Do’s and Dont’s
  • Topic 11: Security & Privacy
  • Topic 12: Social Media for Customer Service
  • Topic 13: Social Media for Public Relations
  • Topic 14: Social Media Automation
  • Topic 15: Social Media Monitoring