QuickBooks Training

Quickbooks training course at ‘Al Masar Training and development’ will help the participant to learn all the QuickBooks features. Course topics include entering company details and building lists, setting up and managing inventory, recording product sales, creating invoices, setting up and managing bank accounts, managing Assets and liabilities, and payroll. The QuickBooks training course can open the doors in front of the participant to works within hundreds of companies that are using Quickbooks as an accounting software in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

Total Hours 40 Hours
Recommended Entry Intermediate and advanced levels.
Assessment Method Quiz, Group discussions, In-Class exercises, Pre test, Med test, Final test.

Learning Outcomes

  • To know how QuickBooks works and how he/she can get around in QuickBooks.

  • To create new QuickBooks company using the Easy-Step Interview and record the opening balance for a checking account.

  • To work with registers for QuickBooks bank accounts and demonstrate how to open a register.

  • To discuss the different types of asset and liability accounts; create them in QuickBooks and track them.

  • To create and discuss some of the tools QuickBooks gives for analyzing financial data including quick reports, present reports, and graphs.

  • To set up employee payroll information and schedules.

  • To create an invoice form and modify it.

Course Outline

  • Topic 1: Getting around the QuickBooks
  • Topic 2: Using the quick start center
  • Topic 3: Moving between company files
  • Topic 4: Creating a QuickBooks company
  • Topic 5: Customizing QuickBooks for a business
  • Topic 6: Completing company profile setup
  • Topic 7: Entering a Handwritten Checks
  • Topic 8: Transfer money between accounts
  • Topic 9: Reconciling a credit card statement
  • Topic 10: Setting up assets accounts to track depreciation
  • Topic 11: Paying a credit card bill
  • Topic 12: Customizing Quick reports
  • Topic 13: Using the reports center
  • Topic 14: Creating memorized reports groups
  • Topic 15: Entering products into inventory
  • Topic 16: Creating purchase orders
  • Topic 17: Working with the customers and jobs list
  • Topic 18: Recording payment in full for a single job
  • Topic 19: Entering overpayments
  • Topic 20: Setting up for payroll
  • Topic 21: Preparing collection letters