Social Media Management

1. What is Social Media?

A collective of online platforms that are focusing on socializing, interacting and engaging with people from all walks of life. There are a lot of them out there, but the primary platforms are Facebook, Twitter & Instagram; which we, at ICS Bahrain, will help you invest in and exploit, to achieve your targets and meet your expectations!

2. Why Social Media Advertising/Marketing?

Social Media penetration reached 60% with more than 2 billion active users worldwide! At this point in the game, not having an active Social Media presence for your business will certainly keep you behind and invisible to this massive community. It doesn’t matter what you sell or who you sell it to, using social media will definitely grow your brand, increase your customer base and boost your sales with LESS money and LESS resources.

3. Social Media Marketing and Management

It's all about OUTREACH! Millions are on the web. Millions are on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and others. These social media networks are ideal to reach out to your clients with minimal effort. All you have to have is someone with the knowledge and expertise to get you on board. We, at ICS Bahrain, have the right people to do this for you.

You will be designated with an expert in social media, and who will be very familiar with the type of business that you're operating, the products and services that you're offering and your target clients. The social media business profile shall be built and operated, professionally, to meet your target and expectations.

4. Social Media Building Blocks

One of our experts will assist you in establishing (or enhancing) the required social media network(s). All our packages include SIX major elements.

Strategy (Vision): A preliminary assessment exercise is required, which is researching the industry for strengths and weaknesses related to you business, competitors, suppliers and potential customers. Then, a customized strategy will be developed aiming to deliver engaging material based on the assessment results.

Creating the Account (Setup): Start Strong! We will create business accounts from scratch in your selected platforms; build them with attractive profiles, eye-catching theme and consistent materials.

Posting: We will share the most meaningful posts that are related to your business needs, in a sequential order and based on the defined strategy. The posting will include the content, hash tags, tags, mentions, reposts, etc.

Online Engagement (Customer Interaction): Customer Satisfaction, the word says it all. We assure you that we will build online relationships through likes, comments, mentions, tags, etc.; leading you to satisfy all your clients’ doubts and inquires. A dedicated personnel will attend all customer interactions in a timely manner, to ensure that your business is tailored towards your audience satisfaction.

Metrics Review, Analysis and Recommendations (Audit): A revised assessment to the internal and external market is needed to continuously evaluate your customized strategy. We will develop customized metrics and analyze the results and then propose a list of recommendations for future development.

5. Are the Results Guaranteed?

We assure you that our experts will offer you the best service in town; enabling you to reach all of your business goals successfully. Our goal is to utilize social media platforms in a way that will help you market your business with minimal amount of recourses. We will consume 100% of our efforts and time to find you the best strategy that fits your requirements. Simply, count on us!

6. What's included in our Package?

For an effective implementation of your Social Media strategy, we will to offer you these features:

  1. 1. Assess the business requirements
  2. 2. Understand the overall business objectives
  3. 3. Select the most appropriate social network for running your business
  4. 4. Review your previous marketing strategies
  5. 5. Research the industry
  6. 6. Prepare the customized strategy
  7. 7. Setup the social media homepage
  8. 8. Start posting
  9. 9. Evaluate and monitor the progress
  10. 10. Repost, with adjustments

7. Approaches to Enhance the Suggested Customized Strategy

Flexibility is one of our core values. We can update the suggested customized strategy at anytime, in case of any industry changes, internal business development, etc. For example, if you are planning to introduce a new line of products in your business, keep us updated and we will update the strategy and market it for you!

8. Do U Really Need Advocacy?

Well, now that you know how important and huge it is, you should think about who can do it for you. Someone with knowledge, experience and willingness. Someone who can consume all his time and effort to develop an effective strategy. Someone like us! We at, ICS Bahrain, have a range of qualified experts who can undertake your social media marketing with less cost, less time and less effort!! So, yes. You do need advocacy, and we will do it for you!

Select ONE Network
Account Setup / Profile Optimization
Content Posting, Minor Design Change*3 Posts/Week5 Posts/Week6 Posts/Week
Basic Customer Interaction**
Spam Monitoring
Tagging, Locations
Industry Keyword Research
Customized Strategy Development
Advanced Customer Interaction***
URL Tracking for Posts/Link in Bio
Brand / Keyword Monitoring
1 Sponsored Ad (15K Reach)
Social Media Artwork
Demographic Targeting and Analysis
Reputation Management
Social Media Competitive Analysis
Social Media Audit / Recommendations
2 Special Posts
1 Sponsored Ad (20K Reach)
*Posting: Different posting for Economy: 3/day for 3 days, Value: 4/day for 4 days, Platinum: 5/day for 5 days
**Basic Customer Interaction: Includes replies, likes, comments, etc...
***Advanced Customer Interaction: Includes building online relationships, attending all direct messages, deleting inappropriate messages, replying to all messages, retweets, etc...